Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is that all companies are able to manage climate risk in order to preserve or enhance value while building towards a sustainable future for the world.

Our mission is to provide tailored advisory services and scalable climate risk management tools to make companies climate-smart.

Climate Risk Services was founded by Gerhard Mulder and Stephanie Gnissios.


Climate Risk Services was founded by Gerhard Mulder and Stephanie Gnissios in 2019. Gerhard and Stephanie connected as alumni of Oxford University Said Business School’s Executive MBA programme. Bringing together deep climate finance expertise with extensive corporate risk management and strategic decision-making, their vision was to build a company that could support the financial sector and its constituents to embed climate risk as a factor in financial decision-making. Our underlying theory of change is that by embedding climate risk into investment and lending decisions, the financial sector will accelerate a shift in capital flows towards climate mitigation and climate adaptation. Our work began and continues in an advisory capacity, working to build capacity within the financial sector by bridging knowledge and language between the financial sector and climate science. Alongside advising clients on how to identify, understand, and assess climate-related risks and opportunities, Climate Risk Services is building tech-based products to scale and deepen the ability to build climate-smart organizations.